The Power Of Words


Big thoughts, money talk

Here at vocabulary blog we understand the importance that words have in your life on your future into things that you speak all the other into your reality.

Now as our minds begin to expand and we begin to start thinking bigger in a larger scale then I was also and I want everything also needs too expensive that we will be able to verbalize the expansion of our state of mind.

To realize the words that you say I have applications of your future means that you have the responsibility now to take responsibility for what you say because you realize that you now have the power to speak to things even that you do not see as though they are because you have the faith to see it into manifestation.

If you are inspired to say you’re going to do something, then do it.

You may or may not have had an experience before or just chilling with your buddies talking future plans now if you can’t talk future plans with the buddies you have, then you need to change your inner circle of friends.

And another factor to take in consideration when you’re talking about your thoughts that turn into were still talking to actions to bring about the things that you think about is not delaying and wasting time.

So now we bring you to the place where is to simply challenge you to be mindful of the words that you say and be aware that they think that you’re speaking about have implications down the road.

What Are You Saying?


In the wide world of words, how do you know what to say and when?

It’s all about rhythm and timing.

There are no shortcuts there’s no easy way out when yet acknowledge the fact that it was going to be done at the Later times for which was reserved to be accomplished anyway.

So as the proceeds going the way you realize that now its the time to tune to the drum.

In ancient tribal traditions the drum was used as a tool of communication before there was a good strong Tower for the cell phone lines to transfer their bytes, The villages that were separated by distance within communicate to each other by the rhythm that was played out on the drums.

Through the communication to the rhythm of the drum they were able to communicate whether it was time to sow or reap, They will be able to communicate weather was time for war or weather was time for peace, our time for fellowship and dancing, or a time for grieving and mourning.

Before you get the words, learn the timing, keep the rhythm

Playing the drums definitively strengthens your hands and your coordination.

Timing is everything and that goes for life not just for the rhythm of the tempo.

So whether you are an experienced drummer Or maybe you’re just a casual on the front of his blog site, or maybe you are just interested in all things handmade, Keep in mind the tool that allows you to keep in touch with the time in the tempo with just as so much fun is the rhythm of the motion of the ocean.